First-time usage

You can test the installation of RetroTxt by selecting one of the many sample artworks found in the RetroTxt Samples tab.
Or typing txt samples in an address bar.

RetroTxt showcase

Omnibox txt samples command

RetroTxt initially runs on these preconfigured websites and domains.

    Hosts the texts and artworks linked in the Samples tab
  • http://localhost
    Permits the use of local and simple HTTP servers
    The primary hub of the ANSI and ASCII art communities
    An extensive collection of computer underground text art and documents
    The world's most comprehensive collection of public domain books in plain text and other formats
    The primary file hosting service for the demo scene
    An extensive text file collection from the early Internet and BBS era
    Retro computing texts and files

You can change these sites in the RetroTxt Settings tab, under the Run RetroTxt on files hosted on these domains in Feature.
Or typing txt settings in an address bar.