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Web Open Font Format 2

RetroTxt relies on Truetype or OpenType web fonts in the WOFF21 format. This offers the best compression to reduce the overall download and memory-use size of RetroTxt.

The WOFF21 format is relatively new, and most font distributions do not offer it. To add these fonts into RetroTxt, older formats must first go through a conversion.

WebAssembly TTF to WOFF2

Convert a Truetype font into WOFF2
cd RetroTxt
pnpm run font fontname.ttf fontname.woff2

Tip for Windows

Windows users may need to update the font script in the package.json file.

"scripts": {
  "font": "woff2_compress.js"
"scripts": {
  "font": "woff2_compress.js.cmd"

Font tools

Online generators

Online metadata

Universal font conversion

WOFF2 font conversion