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Why does RetroTxt require Read and change all data permissions

RetroTxt add extension

The short answer is that it doesn't, which is a limitation of the web extension permissions. RetroTxt ignores all websites except those you tell it to monitor in the background.

If you're in a corporate environment or security conscious, after installation, you can fine-tune your browser to further lockdown RetroTxt.

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The source code is available


Turn pieces of ANSI, ASCII, and NFO documents into a web document. RetroTxt is the browser Extension that takes legacy and plain text files and correctly stylizes them for viewing or copying from a browser tab.

  • View ANSI, ASCII, NFO, Shift JIS text art as a web document
  • View server, terminal, and DevOps logs styled with colored text
  • View BBS colored text files for Celerity, PC Board, Renegade, Telegard, Wildcat!, WVIV systems


RetroTxt showcase
View ANSI colored text in a browser

RetroTxt showcase
The original, raw text view

RetroTxt showcase
Choose from hundreds of fonts to style texts

RetroTxt showcase
Descriptive and simple to use options

RetroTxt showcase
Optional, extra details for each text file

RetroTxt showcase
Copy the output of RetroTxt and paste it into a standard text editor


  • Swappable palettes for different color simulations
    VGA, CGA, Unix xterm, Apple IIgs, Commodore 64, monochrome and switchable iCE Colors

  • Customizable font and background colors

  • SAUCE metadata parsing

  • Support for multiple text encodings
    MS-DOS CP-437, Amiga ISO-8959-1, Windows 1252, Japanese Shift-JIS

  • Automatic fixes for block character and line artifacts

  • Hundreds of IBM PC font choices
    VGA, EGA, CGA, MDA, PS/2, and more

  • Various Amiga and microcomputer fonts
    From Amstrad, Atari, Apple, Commodore, Tandy, and many more

  • Open-source code