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Files and directories

These are the directories and files that comprise of RetroTxt source code.


Items ending with a forward-slash / are directories
Items starting with a dot . are flagged as hidden

Directory Purpose
.github/ GitHub repository configuration
.vscode/ Visual Studio Code workspace settings
docs/ This documentation written in mkdocs Markdown
ext/ The RetroTxt Extension root directory
fonts/ Original font packages with documentation and licences
site/ Documentation built by mkdocs into a website
File Purpose
.eslintrc.json ESLint configuration file
.gitattributes The Git settings file for this repository
.gitignore The Git file to exclude items from being recorded
.prettierrc Prettier configuration file
LICENSE A copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 3
mkdocs.yml mkdocs configuration file
package.json Pnpm configuration file
pnpm-lock.yml Pnpm lockfile
Taskfile.yml Task configuration file
Stylesheet Purpose
ext/css/ Extension Cascading Style Sheets in CSS3 syntax
bulma.min.css Bulma CSS framework used by the Options tab
fonts_home.css Font faces and classes for the Home computers fonts
fonts_ibm.css Font faces and classes for the IBM PC & family fonts
fonts_modern.css Font faces and classes for the Modern fonts
layout.css Base elements styles
options.css Styles specific for the Options tab
retrotxt_loader.css An animated spinner to display during the RetroTxt processing
retrotxt.css Scanlines, text size, the Mona font face and cursor stylings
text_animation-off.css For the Blinking cursor and text off Option
text_colors_4bit-ice.css ANSI Select Graphic Rendition iCE Color classes
text_colors_4bit.css ANSI Select Graphic Rendition colour classes
text_colors_8bit.css Xterm 256 colours for ANSI colour classes
text_colors_bbs.css Shared BBS colours and font styles
text_colors_blink.css Simulate terminal blinking text
text_colors_c64.css Commodore 64 ANSI color pallete
text_colors_cga_0.css CGA 0 ANSI color pallete
text_colors_cga_1.css CGA 1 ANSI color pallete
text_colors_gray.css Monochrome ANSI color pallete
text_colors_iigs.css Apple IIGS ANSI color pallete
text_colors_pcboard.css PCBoard BBS colour classes
text_colors_pipe.css Renegade BBS and other BBS software colours
text_colors_vga.css VGA ANSI color pallete
text_colors_workbench.css Amiga Workbench ANSI color pallete
text_colors_wviv-pipe.css WVIV BBS and other BBS software colours
text_colors_xterm.css Xterm ANSI color pallete
text_colors.css Colours, text pair classes
text_ecma_48.css ANSI Select Graphic Rendition function classes
text_pagewrap.css For the ANSI Page wrap on option
Script Purpose
ext/scripts/ Manifest V3 Extension scripts
checks.js Error, argument checkers and alerts
encoding.js Character sets, browser encodings, code page handlers
helpers.js Content-scripts helper, shared functions
options.js Isolated functions for the Options page located at ext/html/options.html
parse_ansi.js Functions to handle ANSI and ECMA-48 controls
parse_dos.js Functions to handle text encodings and DOS code pages
retrotxt.js Content-script to apply RetroTxt to a browser tab DOM, or restore the tab to its original raw text state
ext/scripts/sw/ Manifest V3 service workers
action.js Toolbar button actions
background.js Background service worker functions and importScripts
downloads.js Apply RetroTxt transformations to text file downloads
error.js Service worker error handlers
extension.js RetroTxt initialisation, defaults and activation
helpers.js Service worker helper, shared functions
menu.js RetroTxt (right-click) context menus
message.js Make service worker connections that can receive commands from the container-scripts
security.js Web extension API restriction checks and permission grants
session.js Uses the local storage API to simulate a session storage store
tabs.js Monitors and handles the interactions with new and closed browser tabs
toolbar.js Toolbar button icon and badge
Extension item Purpose
ext/.web-ext-chrome.js The web-ext configuration file for packaging a Chrome distribution package
ext/manifest.json An Extension manifest file containing read-only metadata and configuration options
ext/_locales/ Spelling differences for the UK and US English
en_GB/messages.json Shared variables British UK spelling and names
en_US/messages.json Shared variables for remote URLs and BBS software names
ext/assets/ PNG icons for RetroTxt
snaps/ PNG screenshots used by the Options samples tab
svg/material-icons.svg SVG icons for the Options tab
ext/fonts/ Compressed fonts used in RetroTxt
ext/html/ HTML5 assets
options.html Template for the Options page
ext/json/ JSON, human-readable data stores
font_info.json Font metadata for The Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack (v2.2)
Required by retrotxt-fonts
ext/test/ Unit and sample test files
example_files/ ASCII and ANSI text test cases for use with the files:/// protocol
example_files/bbs_sheets/ BBS text test cases for use with the files:/// protocol
index.html Entry point for the QUnit tests
qunit.css QUnit stylesheet
qunit.js QUnit JS testing framework application
tests-*.js QUnit tests