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ANSI / ECMA-48 support

ECMA-48 forms the basis of ISO 6429, the current acceptable standard for text control sequences, and expands on ANSI X3.644, which first popularised escape sequences in the late 1970s with the DEC VT100 computer.

The following chart lists the limited ECMA-48 number of sequences that RetroTxt supports.

Control Acronym Value Support Notes
Cursor Forward Tabulation CHT Yes Acts as 4 forward movements
Cursor Down CUD Yes
Cursor Forward CUF Yes
Cursor Position CUP Partial Supports forward and down only
Erase in Display ED
to end of page ED 0 Partial Only goes to the end of the line
to beginning of page ED 1 Yes
erase all ED 2 Yes
Erase in Line EL
to end of line EL 0 Yes
erase line to cursor EL 1 No
erase whole line EL 2 Yes
Horizontal Vertical Position HVP Partial Supports forward and down only
Select Graphic Rendition
bold SGR 1 Yes
faint SGR 2 Yes
italic SGR 3 Yes
underline SGR 4 Yes
blink slow SGR 5 Yes
blink fast SGR 6 Yes
inverse SGR 7 Yes
conceal SGR 8 Yes
crossed out SGR 9 Yes
font normal SGR 10 Yes
alternative font 1 SGR 11 Yes IBM BIOS
alternative font 2 SGR 12 Yes IBM CGA
alternative font 3 SGR 13 Yes IBM CGA thin
alternative font 4 SGR 14 Yes Commodore Amiga Topaz
alternative font 5 SGR 15 Yes IBM EGA 8x14
alternative font 6 SGR 16 Yes IBM EGA 9x14
alternative font 7 SGR 17 Yes IBM VGA 8x14
alternative font 8 SGR 18 Yes IBM VGA 9x14
alternative font 9 SGR 19 Yes IBM MDA
Fraktur font SGR 20 Yes Germanic Gothic font
Eagle Spirit PC Alt 3 fantasy inspired font
double underline SGR 21 Yes
not bold nor faint SGR 22 Yes
not italic nor Fraktur SGR 23 Yes
not underline SGR 24 Yes
steady SGR 25 Yes No blinking
positive image SGR 27 Yes Not inverse
revealed characters SGR 28 Yes Not concealed
not crossed out SGR 29 Yes
foreground colors SGR 3037 Yes
foreground 256 colors1 SGR 38;5;0255 Yes
foreground RGB colors2 SGR 38;2;R;G;B; Yes
revert to default foreground SGR 39 Yes
background colors SGR 4047 Yes
background 256 colors1 SGR 48;5;0255 Yes
background RGB colors2 SGR 48;2;R;G;B; Yes
revert to default background SGR 49 Yes
framed SGR 51 Yes
encircled SGR 52 Yes
overlined SGR 53 Yes
not framed nor encircled SGR 54 Yes
not overlined SGR 55 Yes
bold foreground colors3 SGR 9097 Yes
bright background colors3 SGR 100107 Yes Requires iCE colors to be enabled

  1. Known as xterm 256 it is not an ECMA-48 standard. 

  2. Allows for ISO-8613-3 24-bit color support, but it is not an ECMA-48 standard. 

  3. Non-standard aixterm, IBM AIX terminal support

  4. Widthdrawn in 1997