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SAUCE support

SAUCE, created by Olivier Reubens1 is a metadata protocol for scene artworks. RetroTxt parses these to determine text formatting and authorship results shown in the Text & font information header.

Name Interpreted Displayed Notes
ID Yes No
Version Yes No
Title Yes Yes
Author Yes Yes
Group Yes Yes
Date Yes Yes
FileSize No
DataType No
FileType No
TInfo1 Partial Yes When found, is used to set the character width2
TInfo2 No
TInfo3 No
TInfo4 No
Comments Yes Yes
TFlags Partial Yes See ANSI flags below
TInfoS Partial Yes

ANSI flags

ANSIFlags allow an author of ANSI and similar files to provide a clue to a viewer/editor on how to render the image.

Flag Name Used
B Non-blink mode3 Yes
LS Letter-spacing Yes
AR Aspect Ratio No

  1. "Tasmaniac" of ACiD

  2. Columns of text. 

  3. Also known as iCE colors