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ANSI.SYS support

Microsoft's MS-DOS ANSI.SYS driver supported a limited subset of ANSI X3.64 control sequences and introduced non-standard functions. Most ANSI art uses sequences that target the ANSI and SYS implementation of text controls.

RetroTxt recognizes all ANSI.SYS control sequences but skips those that it doesn't support.

Control Support Notes
Cursor Position Partial Supports forward and down only
Cursor Up No
Cursor Down Yes
Cursor Forward Yes
Cursor Backward No
Save cursor position No
Restore cursor position No
Erase display Yes
Erase line Yes
Set Graphics Mode Yes All colours and attributes are supported
Set Mode / Reset Mode Yes RetroTxt changes the font type and column width but does not attempt to simulate the screen resolution
Set Mode / Reset Mode 7 Yes Set and disable line wrapping
Set Keyboard Strings No