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F.A.Q. - Common questions and fixes

To ask a question, report a bug, or request a feature, please feel free to leave a new issue on the GitHub repository or mail.

Can I adjust the size of the font?

You can change the zoom of the font by using the Ctrl + and Ctrl - keys.

Can I view files stored on my computer?

Many browsers are quite happy to read files and directories stored locally on your computer by typing a path into the address bar.

On Windows, for example, pasting C:\Users\Ben\Downloads\myfile.txt into Chrome, Brave, Edge, and Firefox will convert it into a browser-friendly file URI and view the document in the browser.


  • You can also browse your Windows drive file:///C:/.
  • Or your Linux and macOS drive file:///.

The feature is enabled in the Options, Settings tab by either having the Use RetroTxt as a local text file viewer or Monitor downloads enabled.

All browsers except Firefox will also need to Allow access to the file URLs permission enabled (chrome://extensions/) if you want it to work with local files.

What are the text encodings supported?

Please see the Supported standards document.

Garbled text?

There could be many causes of this, but it is generally related to the web server or browser choosing the incorrect character encoding for the file.


In the browser, press ALT v and select Text Encoding.

Choose a more suitable character encoding, but if you are not quite sure which one to use but the document is in English. First, try the Unicode (UTF-8) then each of the other Western options.

All other browsers

Without using a 3rd-party Extension, Chrome, Brave, and Edge cannot switch the character encoding.

You could also manually switch the transcoding RetroTxt applies by right-clicking on the page and select Transcode text from the RetroTxt context menu.

Context menu transcode text

Context menu